Budget confirms plans to amend plastic and glass recycling targets

For plastic the existing target of 52% for 2016 will be reduced to 49%, increasing 2% each year to 2020, as anticipated. The target had been due to increase to 57% in 2017.

On glass, the government confirms that the existing target of 77% will be maintained until 2017, and then increase by 1% each year to 2020, when it will reach 80%.

The government said the changes will help to “reduce the burden on businesses.”

Also announced was an increase in landfill tax rates in line with RPI, rounded to the nearest 5 pence, from 1 April 2017 and again from 1 April 2018.

The standard rate of landfill tax is currently due to rise from its current level of £82.60 per tonne to £84.40 per tonne from next month. This will then increase further to an expected rate of £86.10 per tonne in 2017 and £88.95 per tonne in 2018.

The Treasury also confirmed that it is to increase compliance activity by HMRC to tackle tax evasion and non-compliance across the waste supply chain.

It stated: “Waste-related crime is a blight on communities and undermines the environmental objectives of landfill tax. This is why HMRC and the Environment Agency are already working together to tackle fraud and tax evasion in the waste sector. The government will provide additional funding for HMRC to increase its compliance activity in this area.”

Tony Corbin

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