Date Or Lot Codes On The Bottom Of Cans

Many industries are forced to identify their products with date codes, expiration dates, and/or lot codes for tracking and traceability. From hand coding to automated coding in high speed production environments, choosing the right solution can save you from costly penalties, production slow downs or downtime.


In the example below, a microbrewery required coding on the bottom of cans as they are gravity fed into a twist sleeve indexed 4 at a time prior to them going through a rinse tunnel.

They had not had any prior coding equipment and has only now began coding their product due to industry demand that either a fill date with lot code or expiration date with lot code be printed onto the product.


Inkjet coding on cans


A trusted partner company of theirs uses several Citronix printers and is pleased with the reliability, ease of use and maintenance of these printers, With that recommendation, ID Technology was invited to do a demonstration of the inkjet printer. The inkjet printers performed well and they purchased the Citronix printer to code their products.

Please follow this link below to see a short video of the application at

Do you have to comply with industry or regulatory agencies to code your product, cartons, cases or pallets? Did you know when done properly, not only are you in compliance, we help companies realize extended benefits with in their own production areas with product identification solutions?

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Source: Labeling News